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Weight Loss & Health Success Stories

People just like you, make the decision to get healthier, lose weight, and to take good care of themselves. As you start your journey, or continue it, sometimes it’s helpful to see others who have succeeded to help you stay motivated. Take a look at some of our weight loss success stories that our clients shared with us! 






Jennifer F. –

“I want to thank you both for all you did for me!! Helping me understand all about making healthier choices. It was a long road but you both made it easier for me to take that journey. I feel healthier and happier, I now have a better appreciation of the foods that I eat.”










Dana R. -Lost 30 lbs so far!  “My husband and I are both firefighter/paramedics and over the past few years have gained significant weight. It was bothering us and we weren’t feeling great at all. my dad had been seeing Dr D and Alicia and he had such great success that he referred us to them. I promised we would go after our cruise in June so we made our first appointment in mid June and have been going since.  I have lost 30 pounds so far and am very pleased with my results and how I feel. I have a little bit more to go but it makes me feel great when I get comments from family, friends and coworkers. I love going to my appointments and the office staff is friendly and very helpful. I highly recommend Dr D for weight loss success.”




Mary A. -Lost 15 lbs!  “As I get older, I noticed the weight creeping up on me. It’s been getting harder to keep the weight off.  I’ve known Dr. Dunkelberger and nurse Alicia Shavlan for quite a while and decided to take part in The Weight is Over program. I’ve  lost 15 lbs and have been able to keep this weight off. I love that they don’t judge- just offer encouragement and awesome nutritional advice.









"I am very pleased with all the help and info and guidance I received and believe that I have been armed with all the information that I need to make a healthier decisions for me and my family." Jennifer 12/16/14

“I am very pleased with all the help and info and guidance I received and believe that I have been armed with all the information that I need to make  healthier decisions for me and my family.” Jennifer 12/16/14

 Jennifer- Lost over 47 lbs!

Jennifer has been with us since June 2014. With counseling and medication management with the Dr, she has lost over 47 lbs.  She has lost over 9 inches in her waist. Her waist is now normal at 33 1/4 inches. Her BMI has decreased from 34.7 to a near normal 25.5.

Jennifer has been a model patient. In beginning, she consistently used My Fitness Pal application for tracking. She followed recommended meal planning. She started a routine exercise regime. Jennifer was smart and enlisted her family in on her venture. They all are eating better, exercising as a family and losing weight together. She and her family have run some local  5 k s. Her plans are to continue to  run with her family and join a gym for further weight training.

Thanks for letting us share Jennifer, we are all proud of you! Enjoy your new self and health.  Alicia and Dr. D






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